Karin Freeland

Speaker ~ Author ~ Life Coach

Karin Freeland

Life Coach ~ Speaker ~ Author


Women's Life Transformation Coach Greenville SC

Professional Summary

After college Karin packed up her Geo Prizm and drove to Miami, FL to follow her dreams of being an actress and professional dancer. After landing a small part on the movie From Justin to Kelly, she was bit by the acting bug and focused her energy on TV and Film. Her supporting role as Gale in, Passing Fancy, gave her the confidence to take her dreams to NYC. Karin quickly found herself as a regular background extra on the local soap operas: All My Children, Guiding Light and As the World Turns. She was on several game shows like You Rock, Let’s Roll and Million Dollar Password. Waiting tables and living paycheck to paycheck was getting old, when Karin decided to move into Corporate America. She had every intention to leave her Sales job after a year, once she had saved up enough money to act full time without having to work as a waitress. But as luck would have it she was good at Sales. Instead of saving money, she took her first commission check and bought a Coach purse. The rest, as they say, is history.

Karin Freeland Life Coaching Women's Life Transformation Coach Greenville, SC

Karin spent the next 15 years in Corporate America, working for large brands in fields such as Training, Sales Operations, Marketing and as Chief of Staff. She became so focused on her career that little else was able to capture her attention. Karin sacrificed it all – time with her kids, vacations with her husband, the birth of her niece. All for the sake of a title and money. Yet, despite her work ethic and strong performance, she found herself being passed up for promotions and raises. Often, with the roles going to male counterparts. In 2019, Karin experienced a midlife crisis and found herself questioning everything. Naturally she splurged on a Mercedes-Benz, which made her feel better for a while. Finally, she found her dreams again; they were buried deep inside but they still had a flicker. Karin knew what she needed to do to regain control of her life.

At night, on the weekends, any time she could find a spare minute, she began writing. Karin was committed to finishing the book she had started in 2009, after the birth of her first son. Before she knew it, she had over 70k words written and was set to launch The Ins and Outs of My Vagina in September 2021. She meticulously put together a plan, worked her network and began making a career transition.

Throughout Karin’s journey, she met many women who felt hopeless, frustrated and stuck in a situation that they wanted to change, but didn’t know how. That’s when she decided to dedicate herself to helping other women change their life for the better. As a certified Life Reinvention Coach, she offers custom coaching to women through her EDIT Your Life program. 

Are you ready to live your best life yet? What are you waiting for? Today is your day!

You can follow Karin on Instagram and Facebook for motivation and moral support or contact her today to start a coaching package.

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