Want a proven process for growing your career without sacrificing YOUR HEALTH, time with family or sanity?

Let's work together to get more balance in your life today.

Many women feel guilty for
wanting to climb the ladder.

What if I could show you how to shed the guilt by prioritizing the right things, so you had more work-life balance?

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re constantly “on” – checking emails at all hours of the night and even catching up on weekends.

You feel like you have to put work first to get ahead. Your company expects it.

You stay up late at night just to get some time to yourself, but there's still laundry, dishes and cleaning to be done.

You haven’t had a work-free vacation in years. And working on vacation usually starts an argument with family or friends.

Your health is an after-thought. You’re just too tired to bother working out.

Your job is stressing you out so much your personality has changed – you’re always angry or on edge.

You're so exhausted by the end of the week that you have nothing left to give to your partner, kids or friends.

This doesn’t have to be your “normal” anymore.

When you have identified a strong
set of values and boundaries,
balance is finally able to be your reality!

That’s what Success without
Sacrifice is all about!

You’ll learn my proven process to help you stop the work-life juggling act and gain control, so you can be your healthiest, balanced, most present version of yourself in just 10 sessions!

This is how you'll design your

Success without Sacrifice:

Map out your personal and professional goals
so you know with certainty your biggest priorities

Create a roadmap for reaching your goals so you gain
clarity on next steps and can make decisions with ease

Build your Success Blueprint so you never have
to sacrifice the things most important to you

Design a life outside of work that makes
you spring out of bed in the morning

Become the woman you’ve always desired
with the balance you’ve dreamed about

Hi, I’m Karin Freeland and I’m
your Career Success Coach.

Women's Life Coaching by Karin Freeland Life Coaching

I was once an overworked, stressed-out career woman, too. Just 5 years ago, I sat where you are feeling torn in so many directions. Since then, I’ve helped dozens of women go from burnt out to balanced. I’ve also written and self-published an award-winning memoir.

As a married mom of 2 boys and a puppy, I know your time and energy is limited. You don’t have time to waste on courses that don’t provide results.

My program will help you achieve lasting results to create a more balanced life so you never have to miss out again. Are you ready to say YES to your SUCCESS?

What women say about
working with Karin...

It’s been amazing to work with Karin. She’s helped me crystallize my goals and identify some my challenges and blind spots. Her energy and guidance enabled me to make some significant changes in my life! I have renewed sense of my well-being and worth!
– Mary Beth, NJ
From my first conversation with Karin her energy was accepting and empowering. I felt comfortable opening up to really be honest with myself about my career. After having a successful career in publishing and production I took some time off to be with my kids. I knew I wanted to get back to work, but what did that look like? I knew I needed a change, but I needed someone to listen and ask me the important questions about my next chapter. Making this leap into art education has been years in the making. I knew all along I wanted to make a transition, she helped me to acknowledge and see these dreams as tangible goals. Karin has been a beacon of truth in discussing work life balance. It has been a pleasure getting to work with her. Sometimes in life you need a guide to help you navigate the next big thing and Karin really is the whole package. I felt safe and heard. Thank you!
– Katie, Brooklyn, NY
I was frumpy, tired and angry. Frustrated that I had gone from being a high achieving and energetic working mom to someone that didn't enjoy the daily grind and had let the pile of excuses get big enough that I accepted being miserable and unhealthy. I was missing my moments to enjoy, to make memories and I needed something to break me out of it. Then....enter Karin. After a few months of trusting the process and putting in the work - I am noticeably healthier, happier and more energetic. I honed in on what is important, made the mindset shifts to look at life through what I knew to be important and put things on rails to make changes. Not every change happens overnight ----but for the first time in a long time - I know I am strong enough and smart enough to own my path.
– Leah, NC

Success without Sacrifice is for you if:

You’re a high-achieving woman who craves tips and guidance to reach your goals

You want to learn a new way and are ready to shift your mindset

You seek support and accountability from a community of similar women with big ambitions

You’re done sacrificing fun and recreation – you’re not willing to miss out on life any longer

You’re ready to take bold action to create great results for yourself

After working with dozens of women like you, I know you need

4 things for Career
& Life Success…

And you get them all in Success without Sacrifice


Get weekly support to keep you on track and ensure you’re progressing every step of the way. Learn what’s working best for other women to make your journey easier.

Confidential Community:

Group of goal-oriented women to support you and celebrate your wins! Plus, you'll have lifetime access to our private Facebook Group.

Proven Framework:

Get the framework for designing a successful life in 20 weeks. The Success Blueprint is a 14-page playbook for your balanced life, which you'll use long after the program ends.


Personalized coaching in the key areas most important to achieving your success. Including direct access to me between sessions in the Facebook group.

You might be wondering…

By using an application process, I’m able to ensure it’s a good fit for all attendees and create the best possible cohort for participants. You can be confident that everyone in the program is as serious as you are about increasing their success and creating healthy boundaries to enjoy life more.

You’ll start getting instant support in the Success without Sacrifice Facebook group from day 1. Applications for the February 2024 group are open. I generally run 2-3 cohorts a year. Apply now to ensure you’re on the list for the February 2024 round.

It’s 10 sessions spread over 20 weeks. We’ll meet every other week to give you ample time to implement what you learn between calls.

No, it’s not required but it is highly recommended. This is where you’ll get the majority of the community aspect outside of our biweekly coaching calls on Zoom.

At this time, yes. To create a conducive environment, I am focused on supporting women in a corporate setting or with a steady job in the government or education sectors. Entrepreneurs and freelancers are invited to check out my one-on-one coaching program EDIT Your Life™.

Have you heard the saying two heads are better than one? Group coaching brings together ambitious women who are all in the same boat. They have a wealth of personal experience and know what has worked for them, which they can bring to the table. Additionally, hearing others be coached can address blocks and questions you didn’t even know you had.

I still offer individual coaching through my EDIT Your Life™. If you prefer to go that route, please book a 45-minute EDIT Your Life™ Jumpstart Call so we can begin exploring that option.       

Investing in your success and personal development is a key factor in achieving your desired outcome in life. Once I review the application and determine it’s a good fit, we’ll discuss the investment on a quick call. I’ll also be able to answer any additional questions you have at that point. I do offer payment plans and accept Venmo, Credit Card, PayPal or Zelle.

Yes, I have a Success Guarantee. I’m confident you’ll love this program but if you aren’t completely satisfied, I’ve got your back. If you’ve attended every single call and done all the work between calls and still don’t feel more balanced by the end of 10 sessions, then I’ll personally coach you for an additional month one-on-one for FREE. Yep, that’s how sure I am this program will work for you! You can’t fail – I won’t let you.  

Here’s what you’ll get in Success without Sacrifice:

Live Biweekly Coaching Calls with Karin ($3000 value)

Dive deep into the specific areas you need help with most and learn what’s working for others. It’s the most customized group program you’ll ever participate in.

Lifetime Access to Facebook Group ($500 value)

On-going support for life in the private, confidential Facebook community. Build your network and get questions answered as needed for life.

Success Blueprint™ ($99 value)

Get the proven framework that will be your playbook for a successful, balanced life. You’ll be able to refer to it long after the program ends.

Online Digital Content from Guest Speakers and Special Discounts ($1500)

On demand videos that you can watch as your schedule allows. Plus, access to special discounts to help you grow your career without sacrificing anything.

You’re getting over $5000 in value for the entire program!

Success Guarantee:

I’m so confident you’ll love this program that I’m backing it up with a crazy good guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied and more balanced by the end of 10 sessions and you’ve attended every single call and done all the work between calls, then I’ll personally coach you for an additional month one-on-one for FREE. Yep, that’s how sure I am this program will work for you! You can’t fail – I won’t let you.

Ready to take your career to new
heights without sacrificing everything else?