A talented author pushing the boundaries of humor in her tell-all memoir: The Ins and Outs of My Vagina.

A certified life and reinvention coach dedicated to helping women get unstuck and live their best life.

A dynamic speaker with a larger-than-life personality.

Karin Freeland

All About Karin

Karin Freeland is a recovered corporate workaholic. She traded her personal goals and dreams for a six-figure salary, only to wake up one day and find herself in a midlife crisis. Coming out on the other side, she has rekindled her spirit and her dreams. Now she's empowering other women to get out of their comfort zone, take action, and live their best life. Karin was recognized by Entrepreneurs Herald as one of the Top 20 Life Coaches To Look Out For In 2021.

Karin Freeland

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I help women reinvent their lives and turn dreams into reality

Women today have more power than they've ever had before. Women can be found in the c-suite and other executive positions, as successful entrepreneurs, as stay-at-home moms managing their families, as forces within the political arena. Yet, despite all of our success, many of us want more from life. We're missing that special thing that makes us tick. That's why I'm dedicated to empowering women to live their best life. No matter what path you choose - you have a choice. 

The problem is, most women don't know where to start or how to go about making a transition. I know I didn't initially either. After all, if fulfilling your dreams was easy - we'd all be doing it. With the proper planning and action, you too can turn your dreams into a reality.  Are you ready to make a change?  

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“I was frumpy, tired and angry. Frustrated that I had gone from being a high achieving and energetic working mom to someone that didn't enjoy the daily grind and had let the pile of excuses get big enough that I accepted being miserable and unhealthy. I was missing my moments to enjoy, to make memories and I needed something to break me out of it. Then....enter Karin. After 3 months of trusting the process and putting in the work - I am noticeably healthier, happier and more energetic. I honed in on what is important, made the mindset shifts to look at life through what I knew to be important. For the first time in a long time - I know I am strong enough and smart enough to own my path.” 

—  Leah, N.C.

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