Karin Freeland

Speaker ~ Author ~ Life Coach

Karin Freeland

Life Coach ~ Speaker ~ Author

Corporate Programs

Transform Your Talent

Karin took her years of corporate experience and built two compelling and transformative programs that small to medium-sized businesses could implement as part of their employee development and diversity and inclusion curriculum.

With virtual training, you can support employees no matter where they are based.

You always have the option to add on 1×1 coaching sessions for your employees, giving them additional support to succeed.

Because these programs are pre-built, you get a robust training at an affordable rate. There are options to customize further upon request. Learn more about
Women at Work and Communicating with Impact below.

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Women's Life Coaching by Karin Freeland Life Coaching

Trainings Offered

Women at Work:

Women are leaving the workforce in droves and The Great Resignation doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Women at Work addresses the need women have to feel valued at work, coupled with real strategies to be more effective in their job. In this interactive workshop, we’ll cover: Top 10 Corporate Pitfalls that women face, Personal Branding, Social Media for Advancement, and Leading with Confidence.

In this 4-hour workshop employees will learn the following:

  • uncover the pitfalls that are making you work harder than necessary
  • discover what is preventing you from showing up in a way that is aligned to your personal brand
  • learn new tools for prioritizing to make you more productive within business hours, so you can focus on your family and friends outside of work
  • breakthrough your confidence barriers to lead more effectively

I’ll be with employees the entire way to hold them accountable and remove any blockers they are experiencing. This program is appropriate for entry level – mid level employees.

Communicating with Impact:

Communication is the key to success for any organization. From the most senior leaders communicating strategy and vision to a supervisor explaining a new policy to a teammate, we all need to communicate effectively for a business to run smoothly. Yet, I hear from so many of my corporate clients that communication continues to be their #1 struggle. Communicating with Impact will make communication issues a thing of the past. We’ll cover the 5 Communication Myths, Communication Best Practices, Start with the Listener in Mind, 4 Communication Styles, and a Framework for Communicating.

In this 6-hour workshop, employees will learn:

  • what prevents communication from being properly received and how to adjust their behavior
  • what style of communicator they are and how to recognize what others are
  • why starting with the listener leads to more effective communication
  • how to structure communication for maximum impact in a corporate setting

We’ll put it all together with a final speaking opportunity so participants can implement what they’ve learned and receive constructive coaching on the spot. This program is appropriate for all levels of the organization.

All programs come with an accompanying workbook. Additional 1×1 coaching sessions can be included for an additional fee. Custom packages and a la carte sessions available upon request.


Why choose a certified life coach?

While a formal certification is not required to practice life coaching, I wanted to be able to provide my clients with the best techniques and tools to help them in a variety of areas. You can feel confident choosing to work with me, knowing I’ve invested time in the latest approaches to finding your purpose, reaching your goals and creating more happiness in your life. Below are the formal certifications I’ve received, earning me the distinction of Master Life Coach.

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Ditch the

Golden Handcuffs

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