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It's time to EDIT Your Life™ 

Take back your control and live the life you were meant to live: A life full of purpose and meaning. Regardless of age, we all hit the midlife slump at one point or another. Whether you’re stuck in your career, in the process of making a transition, or focusing on your family and health, you deserve to reach your full potential. You don’t need to completely rewrite your life or start over from scratch, all you need are some edits and changes to get your goals back on track. It's time to write your next chapter.

With virtual one-on-one coaching, you get a program that is fully customized to your situation. No two women have the same goals, therefore you shouldn't have the same coaching program. Through my signature EDIT Your Life™ methodology, you'll have all the tools and techniques needed to conquer your fears and make lasting change.   

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Karin Freeland Life Coach

One-On-One Coaching Packages Available

EDIT Your Life™ Transformation:

Do you ever feel stuck? Wonder why that goal you've had for 3 years hasn't been achieved? I've been there and so have lots of other amazing and successful women like you. Fortunately, I know the way out and can share the strategies with you for writing the next chapter of your life. In just 6 months, you'll discover your true purpose, outline your priorities, make an action plan to achieve it and break down any confidence barriers. If you’re ready to totally transform your life and need an accountability partner to ensure you succeed, then this package is perfect for you.

We’ll meet every other week for 6 months and cover the following:

- delve deeper into your passions and goals

- map a plan for achieving them

- remove blockers 

- hold you accountable for success

It's time to claim the life you deserve! 

Additional 6-month accountability program available after completing first 6 month package. 

Custom packages and a la carte sessions available upon request. 

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Now is the time to EDIT Your Life™ and reach your full potential. 


“I was frumpy, tired and angry. Frustrated that I had gone from being a high achieving and energetic working mom to someone that didn't enjoy the daily grind and had let the pile of excuses get big enough that I accepted being miserable and unhealthy. I was missing my moments to enjoy, to make memories and I needed something to break me out of it. Then....enter Karin. After 3 months of trusting the process and putting in the work - I am noticeably healthier, happier and more energetic. I honed in on what is important, made the mindset shifts to look at life through what I knew to be important. For the first time in a long time - I know I am strong enough and smart enough to own my path.” 

—  Leah, N.C.

Why choose a certified life coach? 

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While a formal certification is not required to practice life coaching, I wanted to be able to provide my clients with the best techniques and tools to help them in a variety of areas. You can feel confident choosing to work with me, knowing I've invested time in the latest approaches to finding your purpose, reaching your goals and creating more happiness in your life.   Below are the formal certifications I've received, earning me the distinction of Master Life Coach. 

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