Karin Freeland

Speaker ~ Author ~ Life Coach

Karin Freeland

Life Coach ~ Speaker ~ Author

From Overwhelmed to In Control: Boundary Setting for High-Achieving Women

It's okay to say no with boundaries.

If you’re feeling perpetually overwhelmed, undervalued, or just plain exhausted, it might be time to examine the boundaries you’ve set in your life—or perhaps the boundaries you haven’t set. And that’s precisely what I am here to talk about in this blog post! All of the high-achieving women I’ve coached have found themselves caught in […]

How To Banish Burnout In 5 Steps – Part One

In part one of this blog post series, learn how to effectively banish burnout, including the symptoms of burnout and a burnout self-assessment.

Hey there, Superwoman! Yes, you, with the to-do list that rivals the endless scroll of social media feeds and a calendar so packed it makes a Tetris champion sweat. Before you dive headfirst into conquering the world (or at least your inbox) today, let’s chat!    You’re here because something feels off deep down amidst […]

Goal Setting 2024: A Guide for High-Achieving Women Seeking Transformation

The complete guide to goal setting for the next year.

Imagine stepping into 2024 with a goal setting blueprint that’s tailor-made for high-achieving women like you. That’s exactly what you’re getting in this blog post: a comprehensive guide to goal setting that will help you transform any area of your life. As a high-achieving woman, you may brush off goal setting as “not a big […]

Strategies To Find More Balance And Happiness In Your Life With Dr. Renai

Dr. Renai Ellison headshot with an orange shirt and black table.

Inspiration is undeniably one of the best ways to kick our desires into the next gear. There’s nothing like hearing from relatable women who have been through a reinvention journey in their own lives and are now, on the other side, a more happy and fulfilled person. That’s why I was beyond thrilled to speak […]

Money Mindset for Women – Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs About Money

Is the way you think about money affecting your financial success? Do you have stress and anxiety when you think about your financial situation? Are you dreaming of a life with financial freedom but need to know how to get there? Ladies, I want you to hear me out – a healthy money mindset is […]

QUIT Feeling Stuck In Life – 6 Things That Will Move You Forward

Have you been feeling stuck in life? Trust me, I know exactly how you feel. This is something I have had to overcome many times throughout my corporate career and even since starting my own business. And I know for a fact that it’s not just you and me feeling this way…. So many women […]

How to Build a High Performing Team

Congrats! You just got hired to lead a team – whether it’s your first job as a manager or you’re in the C-Suite leading a team of 500+ – you need to get one, very critical thing right! You need to build a high-performing team. One of the questions I receive from a lot of […]

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